It's quite obvious that your car's tires play a major role. They help your Honda perform at its peak, as well as keep your vehicle and the passengers inside of it safe and sound. At North Shore Honda, we offer a leading destination for Honda service in Long Island, with convenient hours that help keep your vehicle's maintenance needs from ruining your day.



Happy Customers:

"I've never had a bad experience there with my current car or my previous car. Sales and service are great. I'm always in and out. When I leased my Civic in June of 2013 the test drive to the signature was really easy and stress free. I always tell my friends and family to go to North Shore Honda for sales service or even parts." - DealerRater user    

"My first time at North Shore Honda, and I'm pleased.  The courtesy and honesty was beyond.  My service advisor was fantastic and will continue to service with North Shore Honda." - DealerRater user

How To Tell If You Need New Tires:

Though you may have kept your tires properly inflated, they'll still naturally wear over time. It's important to pay attention to the condition of those vehicles to prevent the loss of traction or worse, a blowout. When the tread wears too thing, it's time for a fresh set. The penny trick is an easy way to check out the condition of your tires.

  • Bring a penny and go to each tire of your vehicle.
  • Insert the penny against the treads, with the top of Lincoln's head facing the tire.
  • If the tread doesn't extend past the top of his head, then the tread is low and you're due for a change!
  • Do this in the center of each tire, as well as each edge; your tires may be more worn in different areas.

At North Shore Honda, our expert service technicians have been providing quality service to  our Long Island customers for years now. They have the training and tools needed to take care of your vehicle's tire maintenance needs, like alignments and rotations. They also have the knowledge needed to help you find a fresh set of tires that works best for your specific Honda model.

If your car is due for new tires or tire maintenance, give the technicians at North Shore Honda a call at (877) 465-5396 to schedule an appointment!